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 samantha m'boge
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  •  samantha m'boge

    What a BLOODY end to 2013, having my passport stolen before departing just trying to reschedul another coach.
    And spending christmas with the UK crises team, giving so much work with pissing myself, where this has come from i do not know and this is now causing me problems in rented hotels and hostel expering for the first time in the UK putting myself up in sOUTH LONDON my stay becomes in jeoperdy.

    tHATS HOW ANGRY I AM......

  •  samantha m'boge

    new comer but still a victim, i would like to ask whether anyone has had any strange happenings of 18 crt gold rose italian or standard gold being given or sold to them. I have been a victim a second occasion of theft in beliguim with my belongings, this time it has been in their aiport and coach station main hotel area streets that i have had my luggage as well stolen outside an hotel i was in with some people after being a victim with an elderly white guy. If you can be of help would be most grateful.

  • sami elamin
     sami elamin

    Thank You Samantha.

  •  samantha m'boge

    I would like to say hello to all those,and i may asked to be welcomed.

  •  samantha m'boge

    I have come back rom a three mnts trying to live and work in the netherlands, still till only now been accepted for a claim, trail period did not work in pub in parliment square, still down and out.
    I am trying sort out things to continue my task of living and working in Amsterdam.
    Need to feel and talk to0 places that i felt relaxed, can you you be shoulder????/