Anna Vasileiadou

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Anna Vasileiadou
 Anna Vasileiadou
இங்கே வாழ்பவர்கள்:
Attica (Greece)
நண்பர்கள், வணிகத்தொடர்புகள்
வயது :
32 ஆண்டுகள்

தொழில் சம்பந்தமான

Eurobank EFG( through Mellon Group Company )
Customer Assistant
வேலை செய்யுமிடம்:
Customer Service
முன்னாள் உத்யோகம்:
Previously I was a Travel agent at Airfasttickets Company which is closed now. Travel Agency : Fast Group AE Airfasttickets • Ticketing Department (12 months) • Customer Support (2months) • Supervisor Tasks ( of Customer’s support agents )(2months) We were using the sites of our company (.gr , .com,, .de, .ru ) . to be able to use them if it was necessary as it happened -when all the other agents were too busy - for the best and faster assistance of our clients. My superiors attended my job and they gave me a promotion as supervisor of company's calling center while i asked to be trained for the Ticketing Department on Worldspan programme , as i did. In the coming months i did some practice on ticketing and until recently I was working on this sector. Due to some technical issues of the company I could not practice on everything that this field includes. Generally, i know the basics and I am always willing to learn more.