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Is Lincoln University College Malaysia any good?

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Hello all,
I am a student from Sri Lanka and I am planning to read for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. During my search for a good PhD program, I noticed that a college named “Lincoln University College” is offering PhDs through a partnership with a local institute in my country.
When I tried to find out more about “Lincoln University College”, I couldn’t find out much except for the things posted on their website and some videos created by themselves. I didn’t see student forums or much social media precense of students of this particular college. I must say it is a bit alarming for me as any college, even in China where Facebook is banned, students maintain the social media presence of the universities though various contect they post… ranging from hashtags to official fan pages.

Does anyone know this university? Is this a real place, and is it any good? Any information related to the place will be highly appreciated.

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