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Perel Gligbé
 Perel Gligbé
A propos de moi:
As organization’s Professional of communication, Specialist in intercultural linkage and local sustainable development, I’m a young leader which is very active in sustainable development in my country. I have worked in a non-profit organization called ASTOVOT (which is based in TOGO) in the position of a mentor. I have worked during three years with volunteers coming from Europa, especially those within a German partnership project called “Weltwärts” executed with the NGO ASTOVOT. In case of this project, i have in charge the communication about the volunteers’ projects and their social integration in the local communities. Nowadays, I work as a program coordinator in a new born association call IVA (International Volunteer in Action). There, i ensure specific responsibility to coordinate activities such as: program and activities planning, the organization visibility, fundraising for projects, search for volunteers and partners abroad for projects realization, external and local partner’s links reinforcing…
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