Cyprus Economic Forum 2015

Cyprus Economic Forum 2015

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“Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Investments, International Business”

The Cyprus Economic Forum 2015 is a global conference combining the fields of Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Investments, and International Business with an interdisciplinary and multinational three-day program. The Forum will take place in in Nicosia from May 27th - 30th, 2015 and will be hosted by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with the Cypriot Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education & Culture, and Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism under the patronage of the President of Cyprus.

The Forum aims to further promote sustainable Tourism, Responsible Investments, and International Business in Cyprus and in the Mediterranean. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and serving as a bridge between the African, Asian and European continents, Cyprus has a strategic location, which gives it a unique potential to enable the innovative development of economic and cultural bridges between nations and corporations in the region to pave the road for sustainable financial prosperity for all sides as well as sustainable peace.

The Forum will bring together leading politicians, corporate chief executives, senior academics, high ranking diplomats and dignitaries from around the world.. The forum will serve as a framework to enable public-private partnerships and Business-to-Business opportunities to increase the magnitude and the scope of activities of tourism, investments and business both in Cyprus and in the Mediterranean. Upon conclusion of the conference a follow up agenda will be presented, which will initiate programs and projects that will support sustainable economic growth in Cyprus and the entire Mediterranean region.
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