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Need Omani Sponsor

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Dear Friends,

I m plannig to start a small project 'Tourist Guide' in Oman Muscat or other régions...
Anyone interested to be a sponsor , Kindly send me message [...]

tks for coop
regads Naima

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    we have no:1 lisense and clearense also ready
    if you are serious in this bussiness just i can provide you visa and sponsorship


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    HI Dear
    thanks for your request

    I will be in Mascat in June, looking for where I can a man or women Omani sponsor

    Anyone can help , Kindly

    1) What is your annual sponsorship fees ?
    2) I want only one visa (for me) now and how many visas you can provide in the future ?
    3)Is there an office space (a small office) ?

    waiting your reply

    Many thank Naima

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    Hi there,
    Well, I would be interested if I know more about your project?
    If you're really wanna start your business please send me an business plan so that I can see how serious you are?
    Looking forward reading from you
    about ur plan

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    HI Naima,

    Just wanted to express my initial interest in sponsoring you. I, however, would like to know more about your proposal, i.e., what exactly U R planning to do? when u r planning to start? how u will finance the project? where will recruit your workers from, etc, etc ....

    email me: [...]


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