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studying abroad - international master degrees

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Hi there! I'm considering studying in Germany, the UK or the US. The problem is that I want to get a degree that is recognized everywhere. Now the Germans have started with a masters system as well, but are these titles internationally recognized?

any help would be appreciated cause in germany everybody tells you something different.

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    The thing is would you like that your degree be recognize in Europe or worldwide .
    Its dependes on degree you want to study . Its depdendes on does such degree is recognize in your country .

    Lets end all good European Universities have good voice as good American .
    Its not only ion Country its also University background.

    Above Liliane written Swiss Universities are not so good but if you study at university of Zurich where so many Nobel award recognize people study its normal thats also such Universitu is recognize in the world as Harvard or any other good University .

    You do not need to go there then its good to choose some good University from country you go and where you know language . You wish to study in Germany is regulary connected with knowledge of German .

    If you want to study Master in English I would suggest you to check in Sweden over where study is free. No cost for you where in all others as in Germany must be paid for study on any University. In UK and USA the most. .

  • Johanna B.

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    Hi Janosch.

    The whole point of this bachelor/master-thing is to enable you to study wherever you like.

    See here:

    The Bachelor and Master degrees are new. Why are they being introduced? Academic institutions in Europe are currently undergoing a restructuring process, the “Bologna Process”. By 2010, degrees will be standardized in the 40 European nations. The goal of this process is to create internationally accepted degrees. This makes it easier for students to transfer to other universities.
    The institutions of higher education subdivide their academic studies into two levels with Bachelor and Master degrees. After three to four years, the first career qualifying degree, the Bachelor, is earned. After one to two further years of study, the additional qualification of a Masters degree is possible. At the universities of the TU9 Group, this transition is currently being carried out.

    Therefore, the question only is whether the uni you would like you get your MA degree, accepts the BA you are holding (if you already have one). In general they should - entry requirements however vary. Check with the postgraduate office of the respective university.

  • Liliane M

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    Hi Janosch! In Switzerland we have the same problem. The universities here do offer Masters degrees, but the system is still adapting.

    It obviously depends on what you study. If you want to do an MBA, I'd probably rather go to one of the leading schools in UK, US or France.

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