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invest or sponsor if have chance!

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I’m from very interesting and beautiful landscape-Latvia with very good potential where you can realize your ideas or help realize other ideas. I don’t promise that you will get profit in one year, but in two or three it can be even really. Some ideas- new tourism product-route performance;Guest House with traditions.
If you are interested in some ideas, please write [...]
Information about land where I come from:
Respectfully and hopefully,
Madara Berzina

  • Daniel Krug

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    Don't you think you need a strong investment plan to attract sponsorship and/or investments?

  • Se rendre au profil de Deleted user berzina

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    Dear Mr. Pramashor Shrestha,

    Thanks for letter,but I cant be a sponsor. I only can somehow , I can help only whis my work.

    Madara Berzina

  • Pramashor Shrestha

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    Dear Madara Berzina,


    I am Mr. Pramashor Shrestha. I can you please pass me your information @ [...]. And can you please let me know if you will be able to sponsor in Latvia?

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Pramashor Shrestha

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