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My daughter was murdered in Scotland - please sign the E-petition!

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Dear All.

December 4, 2005 my beloved daughter Annie from Sweden was found dead in Prestwick, Scotland. Ever since that day our family has tried to find out what happened to her, and due to the very strange circumstances that has come to light, we believe that Annie was the victim of a crime.

However the Strathclyde Police refuses to investigate Annie’s death as being the result of a crime. During this time we have also got to know of many other families treated in the same way by the Police. I now have handed in a petition to make a change for all of us.

This year a new unit has been created by Crown Office to look into current and future sudden and unexplained deaths. I therefore in my petition ask that the new unit shall also investigate past cases like my daughter’s and other’s.

Therefore to help all our families to get the answers about our loved ones, please sign the petition "Investigation of deaths in suspicious circumstances" before the closing date June 4! Signatures from all countries are welcome.

To sign please use the link;

For further information about Annie´s case please see our web-site for Annie;

Thank you for your compassion and help! Guje Borgesson, Annie’s mother.


The photo is of Annie Borjesson in Scotland

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