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How do people in Jersey identificate themselves?

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I was wondering, how do people in Jersey identificate themselves in terms of nationality? Do you consider yourself British? Or Normanic? Or French?

I am aware that people from Jersey are not English, so I was interested in the perception of the Jersey identity.

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  • Magdolna Radits

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    I am writing you from Hungary. I would like to ask what job opportunities are with you, whether it is possible to go to the wonderful island to work?

  • Paul Finn

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    Most 'beans' for ease will consider themselves a Brit.
    We follow more of the same traditions in modern-day life however islanders do still remember theír historical French connections, not to mention dining the refined French way.
    Im a Jersey boy and consider myself more a brit than a Frenchman. Cant speak the langauge to start :O

    Hope this helps.


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