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Can I pay with credit cards in Guinea-Bissau?

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Hi all,

I just wanted to ask how well are foreign credit cards working in Guinea Bissau. I heard that the ATM's might function only if you have a local bank account, so I wanted to ask if this is still the case...

Thanks a lot!

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    Hi Sarah, there is almast no electricity in the whole country, there are probably 10 places where u can pay with credit card in all Bissau. The main hotels(the expensive ones) will accept your card, and u can change in dowtown, dollars or euros easyly. the official rate to change it is 656 CFA per Euro, but be happy with 650.
    If you want to spend a long time there u can open an account in any bank, after 10 days u could take money from the cashier.but there are not many; anyway u dont need to much cash money on you, with 20 euros u wii have enough for a day.
    Dont show off, it is a safety and friendly place. Have a nice stay....

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