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What website could I use to send free SMS in the Philippines?

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Hi everyone! Does anyone her knows a good website where I could send free sms to Philippines?I need it so badly.Please let me know if you knew some websites for sending sms.Thank you very much.

  • Reese Jane Galido

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    I am using the website too..I found it on one of the forums.Actually, I am looking for an sms provider website on the internet. Then, i was guided on the forums,I found this site.At first,I was so hesitant to try it but I tried it anyway.I discovered it is a good one.No need to register anymore at is was so easy to use.You try it too...

  • Faye Hortaleza

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    I know a website that offers free sms to Philippines but I haven't tried it yet. It was just told by my friends to me.Here is the link: could send me a message through this forum of how was it..If it is working or not..

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