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The Paris community!!! Introduce yourself!

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Hi everybody! I think this community is really great and will start to flourish once we have more people signing up. I'd like to get in contact with other foreigners living in Paris - so I created this thread for everybody to introduce himself/herself.

What are you doing in Paris? What do you think we can do to get our Paris-community to flourish?

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    If you’re ever in need of advice or recommendations related to Paris, feel free to reach out. Whether it’s about the best cafe bar in town, hidden gems, or navigating the metro system, I’m here to assist! Bonne journée!

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    Bonjour tout le monde!
    I'm moving from Canada to Paris next month to attend the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre and I am ecstatic!!! This website is proving very useful, so I thought I would join the group :)
    Raquelle, I was wondering if you know anything about bank transfers. I will be opening my bank account upon arrival, but I'm not sure how long it would take for my funds to be wired directly to my bank in Paris, or which bank has a good track record? The trick is that I have US funds, that's why I'm trying to figure out the best option.
    Any opinions or thoughts?

  • Raquelle L'Orean

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    Hi there! I'm not currently living in Paris, but I have lived there most of my life. So if you need any tips and help, let me know!

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