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Hi guys,
I'm an au-pair in Toulouse and I would really love to improve my French (it needs a lot of improving!). As I am working a lot and irregular hours, the only possibility for me to do so would be a language exchange. Is there anybody who would like to exchange his/her French for my German or English over a nice cup of coffee?
*bisous de Toulouse*

  • Piere Langschaidt

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    i sophie, if you are still looking for someone, we could at least exchange a couple of french/english emails?! wouldn't dare trying it in german. mine is just horrible ;)
    have you checked magazines/ websites for expats as far as i remember there were alway a few ads. or go to the uni and check the notice board there. some students will be glad to get a real-life german tandem-partner!
    good luck!

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