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What shouldn't I muss in Guadeloupe?

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Hi all,

I am soon going to travel to Guadeloupe and I was wondering, what places/things I shouldn't miss?

I am already looking forward to see the waterfalls in the jungle of Basse-Terr, listen to Guadeloupean zouk music and try the "'Ti Punch" and Colombo plate :-)

Do you have some other tips?


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  • Darth Bellows

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    I plan to visit Guadeloupe the end of May. How was your trip? Any suggestions on the things I must do and see on the island?

  • Haxie Meyers-Belkin

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    Hello! I've just arrived in Guadeloupe, and I'll be living here for about 7 months. when do you arrive? If you fancy exploring osme of the country together, I'd be up for that! I'm based in St Rose, in the north of Basse Terre - send me an email if you fancy it - [...] x

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