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Just landed and looking for friends...

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Hey all,

Just landed in San Francisco for a couple of weeks.. will be here many more times in the future and will likely move here within the next 12 months.

I'm an Aussie with English background.

I am Lesbian (so guys, quit trying to hit on me!)

I dress Goth/Alternative a lot of the time, and love Rock/Goth/Industrial/Metal/Alternative.. (yes tuned the Rental to 107.7 as soon as I got in it! ;-) .. I've been here a few times before)

Looking to meet up with people whilst I'm here if possible, and certainly looking at going to the DNA lounge unless anyone suggests something alternative....

Looking forward to replies/private messages.

See you soon,

Mhix (pronounced Meesh, which is short for Michelle, my Maltese friends gave me that as a name ;-) )

PS: I'm a geek, but that doesn't mean PFY!

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