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Property prices in the US

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I'm actually thinking of buying a house in the US after the property market went down. The big questions is whether prices will fall even further or not. Anybody can give me advice on this?

  • Ben Torres

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    I am a real estate investor and you can't go wrong investing in Florida. I recommend that you consider buying now while its still a buyers market. Prices will start to increase again as the economy starts to rebound so I would not wait too long!

    Good luck,


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    its a fact that real estate will make wealth!

  • Se rendre au profil de Fredric Smith

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    Hey, Really if this time rates are going to down one can invest its money in property. Because property investment is the best investment for future profits.

  • Tina Di Rienzo

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    Hi,I live in Washington state and it is a buyers market right now. The interest rates are going down. If you have money it's a good time to buy. The banks here are not giving much out.

  • Manuela da Silva

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    Looking at the current bank desasters, I'd probably wait for a while ;o)

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