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Smoking in Spain

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I am amazed!! Had to go to a hospital emergency last weekend and had a very strange experience. You're in the waiting room of a HOSPITAL, there is a big sign which says "no smoking" on the wall - and people happily light up their cigarettes whithout anybody getting upset about it!

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    It’s indeed concerning when such incidents occur, especially in places like hospitals where health and well-being are of utmost importance. Discount on AutoCAD 2020 license. It’s essential for everyone to adhere to public health laws and respect non-smoking areas to ensure a safe environment for all, particularly for those who are vulnerable.

  • Mark Springer

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    Wow, that is really surprising to hear about smoking in a hospital waiting room! Some people clearly lack consideration for others. Hopefully the staff addressed it. Laws around smoking in public places exist to protect everyone's health. With the most vulnerable patients inside, you'd think common sense would apply even without signs. Must have been pretty uncomfortable for you and anyone affected by the smoke. Here's hoping people get the message before it becomes an even bigger issue!

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    Спасибо, всем привет

  • Dora Böhm

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    This is really funny Junior! But in the end they got what they deserved!!

  • Junior .

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    Once I was working in a shop, two nackers came inside smoking, after I ask them 3 times to stop or go out of the store and they just keep smoking without any respect of the signs, of me and of the other customers, I got the fire extinguisher (fire gun? I don´t know the name) and shoot them on trhe head, I was so furious.. they called the police and after everything, the police called me at the corner and said " good job!"...But my manager fucked me off

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    They DO know .. but they just don't care

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