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Frankfurt community - Introduce yourself!

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I though it would be a good idea to create this thread so everybody in the Frankfurt community can introduce themselves. As our community grows, this would also be a nice way for new members to get to know each other.

Tell us a little bit about yourself - why are you in Frankfurt, and what are you doing here? If you have any ideas on how we can make our community a lively place, also post them in here.

  • Stefan Cosma

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    Hopefully everything is going to get right for me and I'll be soon joining you in Frankfurt. 'Looking forward to meet you all there :) A couple of weekends ago I went there and I just fell in love with the city. Now I'm counting down the days...

  • Verena Mazlow

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    I came to Frankfurt for an internship. Looking forward to meet you guys!

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    Hi there! I guess I'm the only one here who's not living in Frankfurt, but I have lived there for quite a while and still visit regulary. So if any newcomer needs some advice, let me know!

  • Liliane M

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    I'm just went to Frankfurt for my new job, and I'd like to meet some other people from abroad. So far it looks like Frankfurt is far better than its reputation!

  • Janosch Kraemer

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    I just came to Frankfurt a week ago for a language course, but I'm thinking of studying in Germany afterwards. Would be great to meet other foreigners to explore the city!

  • Dora Böhm

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    Hi Gabriela, I guess I'll make a start. I've spent most of my last 10 years living in different countries - Spain, France and the US amongst others. Now I'm back in Germany an chose to live in Frankfurt because of its international atmosphere. So although I'm not a "foreigner" here, I'd love to get in touch with people from abroad and help those who have question on how to get things going in Frankfurt.

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