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What should be paid attention to when selecting appropriate high current connect

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1. The rubber shell of high current connector plug shall have pcul 94V-0 grade.
2. The plug of high current connector shall pass CE, UL and other certification.
3. The manufacturer shall provide the hardness test report of high current connector plug.
4. It is necessary to determine the maximum contact current of the product and do not use it excessively.
5. The terminals generally have multi specification aperture, which is convenient for wiring according to the rated current.
6. High current connector terminals are generally silver or gold-plated. The hardness of copper can be quenched to make it moderate. Do not use too much force to avoid cold pressing and terminal explosion. It won't be too soft, and it won't deform after many times of plugging.
7. It can support more than 1000 unplugs.
8. Select manufacturers that can provide instructions, operation instructions and after-sales service.
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