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opening a bank account in the UK

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Hi, I just came to Brighton to start my MBA studies here. I need to open a bank account but am very confused by all the different offers. Can anybody here recommend a bank? Preferably one that's free of charge for students!?
Thank your for your help

  • Alice Smith

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    My wife and I have held accounts with Barclays. Our account manager is very good and that is the only reason why we are still with Barclays. For USD account holders, service is very good and the charges are low. For more detail visit at

  • polok khan

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    hi....... can u please tell me which bank has the highest interest rate for fixed deposit account around England

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    Hi Nicolas,
    In the current economic scenario where banks are closing shutters like mum-n-dad shops round the corner, one thing that you need to consider before opening an account with a bank is, are they safe.
    The major banks in UK are

    Royal Bank of Scotland
    Lyods TSB

    I found that Nationwide is financially very strong (at the same time very stringent). HSBC and Barclays are yet 2 other banks who managed to wade through much of the economic downturn till now without much help

  • Go to Sam Sroka's profile

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    Hi Nicolas,

    I've had a great experience with HSBC since moving out here. Would highly recommend it. The whole process was relatively easy to get the account squared away.

    Can't speak much for the others. Started with HSBC and haven't really looked back.

  • Claudia Schwartzer

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    i can just tell you which one i can't recommend: natwest. i had so much trouble with them and didn't manage to open a bank account there for months. i must admit that i wasn't studying at that time, and on top of that changed my job a couple of times at the beginnging. surely, this did not help as i therefore had trouble to provide documentation from my employer. but ¡ was just really fed up with the way they treated me.

  • Silvia Calabrese

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    hi nicolas.
    i did a semester abroad in manchester. people there recommended the royal bank of scotland and i was very satisfied. they didn't charge maintainance fee for students and the staff (at least at the Manchester branch ;) was very friendly and helpful!

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