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    xmas time

    posted by  justin mash in United Kingdom forum 

    i love xmas in gemany...the xmas markets....the glu vin.....the smell of the xmas biscuits :)
    god i miss germany for its fests and xmas :)
    we are a tradtional country like germany so celebrate xmas with a passion...holland can be better for new year but london will be packed as will any major city with 36 hour parties going on.....even here in sleepy devon i went to a 36 hour party (see facebook page lol ) and then was invited to house parties of people i had only just met :).....let me know if your coming to england you have made a friend here already :)
    hope you and family are well and look forward to talking again
    if i can help i will.....everyone wants happiness but the true way to reach perfect happiness is to bring it to others :)

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