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Company Number: 7407375
Company Registered Address: 1414 London Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4BZ
Registered in England

Sales Support Phone: 0044-2079930204
E-mail : [...]

Phone : 0044-2079930211
E-mail : [...]

Gupshup connection is advertised daily on UK based Pakistani based sky channels especially ARY ONE NEWS. They claim that you can enjoy unlimited calls to Pakistan for just £15.
you have to pay £90 as activation fee but in there promotion period you only have to pay £30 to start with in LLYDS TSB sort code 308468, Account number 27909260. they built you confidence by saying don’t give us your bank details and pay cash in our bank account (which is safer with the reference number given by them on first call).
They will ask to buy 02 mobile pay as you go contracts as they will provide you with an access number which only works on o2 mobile network.
Once you do all that they use delaying tactics and say we haven’t received any payments from you at all. We don’t know you!
When I got a bit angry they gave me a fake access code (mobile number) which doesn’t work and is a premium number (which means that every time you call on this number you will be charged).

Their website mentions use of CDMA phones but what they say is completely different!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one answers call from their customer service number 02079930211.
On other numbers same person answers the call and every time tells a different name!

Please stop advertising them as you may be making money but innocent people are robbed by your cooperation. How can ARY advertise without checking the reputation of the companies?

I hope they can be stopped and taken to court and innocent people are saved from their scam.


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    Hi Raheel,

    I'm responding on behalf of GupShup. Plz share your Cust ID & Contact details in order to investigate the issue with your account you hold with us.

    The earliest we recieve the requested info, we'll contact you and get the matter resolved earliest possible.

    Kind Regards,

    CS Team GupShup Connections!

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    Hello Brother this is a typical pakistani fraud company, i have paid them £25 more than a month they have not given me any access no. 15 days before they asked me you must have o2 or orange contract with unlimited calls, if i will going to buy a new contract with o2 or orange with unlimited call on it it will not be less then £67 so in reality it is about £100 you have to pay each month to get free unlimited calls..but who knows this is true or not. I told them you initially has not told me anything like that. ringing everyday calling again and again no one pick up phone if anybody pick up phone if you are so lucky and when you are going to ask about your refund they straigt away disconnect calls. it is more than a month i still has not receive my refund. however £25 is not too much money but the issue is about the corruption.
    why we always pakistani do like these kind of corruption what happend to us. 2ndly i cannot believe ARY also involve in their business. i had a trust alot on ARY but now ?????? they should stop immediately this add from their channel.
    i will keep try my best to spread this news as much as possible so no other pakisani or muslim or any human being not suffer from them.

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