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Having worked at the school for the last two years I can say with confidence that it is a professional and friendly place to work. I read all of the reviews on here before I came but decided to take a leap of faith and come to see for myself. It was the best decision I could have made and I have never looked back.

Contrary to popular belief we do have PPA time and we do get sick pay. The school works using a curriculum designed for bilingual children so therefore it does differ from the English system however they do require differentiation, assessment and creativity in teaching activities as well as good planning and methodology. As a UK trained teacher I have used my teaching skills widely as well as acquiring new skills and a knowledge, understanding and appreciation for a different culture and way of life.

When I first arrived I was made to feel welcome and appreciated from day one. I was given help and support with documentation, housing and banking and nothing was too much trouble. The school is open for eleven months of the year with August off for summer holidays but your own circumstances are taking into account and nobody is forced to work in July if they don´t want to.

According to the national league tables for Spain and Valencia we are one of the top educational establishments. (El Mundo). In last year´s A Level (PAU) results the school came second overall and results like these can only be achieved with dedicated teachers who are supported and work together.

If you are thinking of applying for a position in the school at any point I would recommend it. I would not be moving into my third year of teaching here if I thought anything else. I really feel that it is a case of what you are willing to put in reflects what you get out of the experience.

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    Lots of reviews about this school on here! Some from teachers who have been working here, some who still do…I’ve worked at this school for the past two years and well as some of the other posts and I think it is important to give an honest review on the school.
    Let’s start by saying that Iale is a PRIVATE school. Now to me, private schools may be more aesthetically pleasing or have better resources and materials than public schools but with those upgrades, there are some downgrades as well. At Iale, their downgrade is, unfortunately, the family who owns the school. As previous posts have said, the directors, owners and all of administration is internal, meaning, they’re all from the same family. This is a huge setback in the school because all administration wants to please one another and in order to appease one another, administration bend over backwards but do not communicate with one another. As a staff member in the school, this is extremely frustrating. Information changes daily, maybe even hourly because administration can’t seem to communicate until the last minute. Aside from not communicating with one another, personally, I have always seen the fault that there is no one objective in higher administration to help out teachers – especially new teachers! Which is where it gets interesting…
    I did stay because I had an amazing English coordinator working on my side. But this year, she found a great opportunity at another school and has left Iale. Without her as a director, I never would have made it through my first year. She really put herself out there when I, as a new teacher, had no support from elsewhere. I know that not all situations are ideal in terms of staff support but in Iale it’s imperative! Like I mentioned, with inconsistency in deadlines, communication, simple day planned events and information, you REALLY need someone who will be on your side at the end of the day, saying – and warning administration! –if they don’t get their acts together that they will lose teachers the upcoming year.
    Regrettably, this is what happened this upcoming year. Five teachers have left, some who have more experience in the school than others, but that’s not the point. The point is that Iale has a lot of problems that they need to sort out before they begin to have a positive name. Educationally, they’re number 2 in the Comunidad Valenciana, but that doesn’t really mean anything in terms of internal workers because if you see how they score the schools, a lot has to do with things that don’t deal with teachers, nor education. It’s all about facilities, enrollments, ect.
    I’ll wrap it up here by saying this: if you’re even slightly considering moving to Valencia and working Iale, you really have to be prepared for a shock. I’m a qualified teacher. I have done the University preparations, done student teaching, even taught in other schools before Iale, so I know not all schools, administration, ect. are well put together but I do know that Iale has a lot of problems that will frustrate you and cut you down as a new teacher – and quickly. As I mentioned, without the trust and guidance of my English coordinator who just left, I wouldn’t have made it through the first year.
    But honestly, do your research, not only online but within the school – talk to the other teacher who are there and get a feel for how they are within the school. There’s some really great people who do work there, but because of said reasons – they’re all so stressed and don’t have time to support one another. Remember it’s a private school – in Spain, which will change a lot of perceptions of how a private school is run. And finally…really think about who is going to be your coordinators and go-to people for the year. Do they seem like they would go out on the line for you? Help you out when you really need it because in the end, that’s all that really matters.

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    I have been working at the school for fourteen years and I can just say that I reaffirm the previous post.

    I am very happy to say that I work at one of the top schools in Valencia, according to the national league tables for Spain and Valencia. A Level results in the last years show that. Those goals can only be got if there is a real team of teachers who work together, if there is a well-designed curriculum, a good system, good methodology and support from other teachers and the board of directors.

    I have always felt part of a team, and have always felt supported. And that is what I try to share at the school with new and old colleagues.

    I wouldn't have worked for that long here, if this information weren't true.

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