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Visa sponsorship and aquiring work

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I have A LOT of job experience, about 6 years of IT technical support (No qualification), 6 years of Graphic design (also no qualification but did study for 1 year) and now Logistics as a warehouse checker since October 10th. I am trying to apply to many different jobs but struggle to find one that helps with visa and relocation. I can pay for the visa as well as for the flight, just need the workplace to act as a "host" via the IND. most places state that they want someone that is as qualified as I am but already with an MVV in order to start immediately. Is there anything I can do to go over more permanently and/or find permanent work? I was thinking that perhaps a short-stay visa and then to go for interviews, and once one accepts to get a work permit that way, and once I have work then to apply for the MVV, not sure if this works or is allowed. Best option so far is to get someone to sponsor my immigration (place of residence is also already sorted as I will be staying with my partner (unregistered partnership).

Any info or reccomendation would be extremely useful, TIA!

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