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Moving to Malta from Sardinia italy

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We are a retired British couple living in a small mountain village of Sardinia italy. We are wanting to move and live in Malta reason ( too quiet, to many problems to sort out in italian, although I do speak a little Italian) so as we love the med life, people, culture, and of course the weather, beautiful malta is where we would love to spend the rest of our life.

I have tried constantly to find out some answers to some questions on the net, but no success.

Can anyone help! We have our house up for sale and a possible buyer, but could take some time to sell, as the person has to sell their house to proceed.

As we will be (Britain) exiting the EU in approx. 2 to ? years, we wanted to come over to Malta within this time, approx. 6months time. We will rent long term and leave the house on the market with our estate agent in charge (whome we know very well)

I need to know if we can do this, rent long term and apply for Ordinary Residency, is there a criteria to meet?

And also I know at the moment this question probably cant be answered , but if anyone has some info, on British citizens already living and resident in Malta prior to the official Exit of Britain from the EU, if they will be able to stay in Malta.

I was not sure if there may be a ruling that only the british resident in Malta that have been living for an ex amount of time. (During the Brexit window time span of leaving the EU) will be allowed to stay in the country. ie: british citizens must have been resident and living in Malta before the EU REF Vote, or at least 12months after the vote? Thanks , hope I get a reply. Jane

  • Rita Simpson

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    Hi Jane, I don't know whether you have received any help as yet, but I hope I can be of help. I moved to Malta in 2008, having already purchased a property in 2004. One of the first things I did was obtain an ID card, then the Health Entitlement Certificate, which you need and get through the UK when you're here. As for Residency, there are two types, Ordinary and Permanent. I'm not sure if the rules are strictly adhered to, but I would suggest you apply for this when you get here, and don't sign up to any 'Scheme' because this involves earning / owning a specific amount and also buying / renting for a specific amount. One thing about healthcare, it far exceeds British NHS standards, and if you have any specific conditions, such as diabetes, you will be granted what is known as a yellow card and your treatment is free (not strips). They take great care of you, and believe me I know, whatever your condition. Bedside manner does leave something to be desired, but you get used to it. I think they need a bit of training in the sympathy department!

    If you don't know Malta at all, I suggest you come for a short stay and find your way around the Island before deciding where you want to settle. There are tourist buses that are hop on hop off, like London! I would imagine it's a good way to see most of the Island and get your bearings. I can only speak for my area, which is St Pauls Bay (encompasses Xemxija, St Pauls, Bugibba and Qawra). This is a tourist resort area, and is popular with British people, as well as many other nationalities, including the Maltese (they have summer homes here and tend to come for 3-months)! If this isn't what you're looking for, rest assured there are plenty of Maltese here to meet as well. It is a more modern area, and if you're looking for traditional old Maltese villages they are of course many, and they're lovely, but I couldn't recommend any particular one, which is why I say come for a month and see what you think. I find my area very central, we have a multi-screen cinema, bus station that covers most areas, unlike many other areas, and easy shopping. The main bus station is of course the capital Valletta, but we're on most routes, including direct to hospital and the airport, although it's a time consuming journey. I drive, so don't have to worry about this. I would suggest you look for a short let stay and come and see what you think.

    As for Brexit, no one really knows what will happen. Let's just say that if you're retired, and you say you are, they can't withhold your pension, or tell you where you have to live, surely?! I certainly won't be returning, and I doubt if the Maltese Government would want people to leave, because we bring income to the country. It depends whether you want to be taxed in the UK or your chosen country, and I personally choose an accountant to help with my papers here, then there's no chance of getting it wrong. He specialises in foreign people living in Malta, and you may even decide you can work your own tax out, this is something you can do too by contacting the Tax Office here and they send the papers to you. Obviously this is just a brief outline, and they do so like to spin things out taking 2-weeks to do things, but I know short cuts! If you're bringing a car for example, speak to me about registration - it took me 1 day and totally flummoxed them at the Transport Office!

    Don't feel you need to reply to me if you've got yourself sorted with information, but I'd be happy to meet with you should you need any help or just a friendly ear!

    Best wishes


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