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Rental Property in North Nicosia

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Hi, do you know where I can get info on flats or house for rent in North Nicosia ? i have never seen any.

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    Check out this property listings [url=]
    m/properties[/url] well actually they are not for rent but they are under a house exchange program wherein you can stay for a certain period of time as long as your a member of their club. You might want to check out on directory listings for rental apartments some landlords post their apartments on such kind of sites to be visible to potential customers.

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    Property managers or property locator are the best choices i think.They can help you the way you want things to be done.I had personal experience with Martin welch property locators club group and i had enjoyed it very much .I made the deals i wanted or sometimes more than that,although now this club services is closed but you can search for other resources

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    Hi Aether! I think you need to consult about this to property managers or property management firms of your local area.they can give you the right information regarding the rental property in your local area just because they manage the property of their clients and do advertise for their property and find suitable tenants for them. I think that they can be very handy for you if you are looking for rental properties in your local areas.

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