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Mastering a Foreign Language

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Speaking a second language will improve abilities such as multi-tasking, problem solving, and decision making. Also, It is often intriguing to study another language, especially in it native speaking environment. When working in China as a teacher, you may find situations like sales and speaking with families still prefers Chinese as the working language, hence contributes to your possible motivation for second language learning.

Living and teaching in China can immerse yourself in a purely Chinese environment; learning Chinese will be much easier than at home. Curiously, you will find that many native people are just eager to help foreigners improve their Chinese proficiency.

Learning Chinese is difficult for many foreigners at the beginning. Many linguistic rules and ideas seem to be counter-intuitive and different from what a English speaker is familiar with. Nonetheless, as you gain familiarity and proficiency, your mind will adapt fast, and your ability to solve problems and communicate in Chinese will improve.
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