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Looking for someone with knowledge about universities and studies in general

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Hey guys,

my plan is to move in with my boyfriend and do my studies in Switzerland (I'm still living in Germany). I've already found some information about the bureaucracy stuff, but I'd like to get some other information about everything because it just seems to be so chaotic.
I want to study to become a teacher and therefore I chose Bern, where I'm going to study English and French language and literature and the PH afterwards.
I'd like to know how high the chances are, to be accepted for that at the university and how long it might take until I get the reply from the uni. Also, I was wondering how many months or weeks before the semester starts I'm allowed to finally move there because I planned to look for somewhere to work before the university starts. Is that even possible?
It's all still really confusing and untransparent to find out.

So, I'd be very thankful if someone could answer some of my questions here in the forum or send me a private message!

I'm wishing you all a nice evening :)


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