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We are Indian Origins, Portuguese Nationals family of 4, Husband, Wife and 2 boys aged 8 and 2.

I have always loved Portugal, (was my 1st European holiday destination) so thinking about moving there, however the biggest challenge being we do not speak the language.

I've been doing a little online reading and I think I am sold at living in the North, have read about Porto (not because of the port wine ;) ) and Coimbra so far. Which city would you recommend? Taking into account we dont know the language. Good job opportunities (Husband is a Commercial Manager for Oil and Gas at the moment but doesn't mind changing the industry) Im a home baker.
State run British schooling facilities? (my older boy is learning Spanish in school so hopefully learning Portuguese shouldn't be too much of a task.
Accommodation should be reasonable as well (2/3 bedroom) and good healthcare facilities.

Im trying to gather as much information as I can for now and we may make a short trip to see how realistic our plans are.

Thank You

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